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Does Universal uphold their stated corporate values? Do employees like working there?

I'd say that Universal uphold their values very well. I think that it was an incredibly fun place to work, I enjoyed all of the people I worked with and I know that a lot of people really liked working there too. They have internal HR and Investigations departments for complaints or other concern...
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Calling any climbing instructors at Universal: any tips for my upcoming interview?

Yes. First of all, know that both of the rock walls at Universal are third party, meaning that they are owned by American Rock Climbing and are a separate entity from Universal Studios. Be understanding of differences in policies. Also know that the job is outside, and will require standing for a...
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What's the work-life balance like for a climbing Instructor at Universal?

As a climbing instructor at Universal Studios, you are able to maintain a great work life balance. Over scheduling is rarely a problem. The managers are extremely understanding and flexible when it comes to availability.
Work-Life Balance Universal Parks & Resorts
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What's it like to work a day as a security officer at Universal Orlando Resorts?

Universal Security has a diverse range of entry level positions. A new recruit goes through extensive classroom and field training before being on their own. Day 1 will be with a field training officer where they help re-enforcement the policies and procedures gone over in the classroom training.
Day in the Life Security Guard Universal Parks & Resorts
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Should I expect lots of work-life balance or flexibility as a security officer at Universal Orlando Resorts? Could I potentially balance this with school?

Security has multiple sub departments within it. Each department has its own pros and cons. If you are looking to gain experience for law enforcement that requires a certain schedule (nights and weekends) if you are looking to balance school, work, and family that work life balance is available b...
Work-Life Balance Security Guard Universal Parks & Resorts
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What can I expect from the company culture at Universal Resorts ? Do you enjoy working there?

The work culture was fine for the most part, people we're nice and talkative but you do have a few people who just hated to be at work, but that's everywhere. The company was nice to work for. Great benefits if you can manage to get full time. HR was very nice and happy to help with any sort of i...
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Anything I should know going into an interview for an attractions attendant role at Universal?

Universal really likes energetic and enthusiastic personalities. Definitely highlight teamwork, enjoying working with people, and customer service. Guest interaction is very big in Universal and they want to make sure their employees are providing the best service they can for the guests.
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Can I balance work and school as an attractions attendant at Universal Studios Orlando?

I worked part-time as an attractions attendant. It's actually kind of difficult to get full time, but it can be done (it's sort of like a promotion.) During peak seasons, Attendants may have a lot of options for overtime, but as they're hourly, you shouldn't expect to work more than 40 hours unle...
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Help! What skills should I talk about in my interview for a revenue operations role at Universal Studios ?

The top three or so traits I stress when I train my upcoming TCs are as follows: Decision Making – Not just being able to make the “right” decision but being able to make any in a high stress environment. Always be able to explain why you did what you did and ask for feedback if you made the “wr...
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How can I succeed at Universal Studios Orlando?

Honestly this is a hard question because a lot of people have a different idea on what it takes to succeed. Here’s the quick guide to being successful: Be good at your job. This includes coming to work, being happy at work, staying away from workplace drama etc. Build trust with management. Tru...
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What does a climbing instructor at Universal/Disney do?

As a climbing instructor at Universal, you are responsible for various tasks. An instructor, with the help of two coworkers, aids customers in signing waivers and collects the fee/payment for climbing. An instructor is then responsible for educating the customer on proper climbing procedure, befo...
Day in the Life Instructor
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What does a revenue operations specialist at Universal do? Does this person get to have an impact on the company/parks as a whole?

You control the guests experience from start to finish. From the planning stage of the beginning of the day you choose who works where and depending on their strength that can either increase or decrease productivity/efficiency in your venue. Sometimes you’ll need to move a TM to a different loca...
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