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At Emerson, we’re passionate about what we do. By fusing decades of technology and engineering expertise, Emerson continues to solve some of the world’s most complex challenges with innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. We recruit the greatest talent and apply the best technologies to benefit our customers worldwide.

Our Automation Solutions business is a leader in helping process and discrete manufacturers automate and optimize production processes through our best-in-class technologies and industry expertise.

Emerson has a wide range of industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise, and technological innovation around the world. Join our next generation of leaders today.

Technology, Engineering, Empowering Digital Transformation, Internet of Things, Industrial Automation, Home Comfort, Sensors, Software, Food Quality Protection, Operational Certainty, Project Certainty, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Efficiency, Responsible Refrigeration, Food Waste Solutions, STEM, and Sustainable Energy


Mechanical Engineering Co-op

January 2023 - August 2023 Sidney, OH
“My first term was spent working with packaging team and I really liked all of the time in the lab testing products. It was a lot more hands on than what you normally get in classes or working at a desk. I would say that I spent at least 50% of my term in the lab for the term. A big portion of my term was about improving sustainability in packaging, especially returnable packaging, so I would recommend it for anyone interested in that. My second term I was working in the refrigeration group with project engineering. This term was a little bit more of a desk job, but I still had the chance to go out to the many different lab spaces and see what was happening with my different projects. Both terms at Emerson, if I was ever bored, I could ask for more work and there would always be something to do.”

System/ Project Engineer

January 2023 Sidney, OH
“I really enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone at Emerson. I was never afraid to ask questions or ask for help when needed. Additionally, I felt that my team gave me a significant amount of responsibility and meaningful projects. Never felt like just a co-op really made me feel like I was part of the team. I got to work on many different project from qualifying a supplier, helping with a part quality problem, and testing a fixture for testing.”
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