If you're a Human Resources major, what skills have developed that employers find valuable?

I have really developed interpersonal skills, organization, the ability to notice a problem and come up with a solution to fix it, excel spreadsheet work, and honestly so much more. I learn so much on a daily basis I am constantly growing in my knowledge of the industry and myself.
Skills Human Resources
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What does it take to be successful at Kiewit?

Kiewit engineers are very motivated and hard-working. Collaboration and communication are key, and the company culture encourages it's employees to advance into new roles and levels of leadership over the years. All it takes is a desire to go beyond expectations, beat deadlines, learn quickly and...
Engineering Skillset Construction Kiewit
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Tips on my interview at Kiewit?

Kiewit requires you to learn fast, and fail fast. The industry is constantly changing and the competition is fierce, so be sure to highlight in an interview the bold contributions you've made in a team-setting and your ability to quickly assess a situation to take action.
Engineering Interview
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What was the work-life balance like at Kiewit?

As an intern, you can expect to work a full 40-hour week with occasional opportunities for overtime. Kiewit has an aggressive schedule with an impressive portfolio of projects, so expect to work hard. At the same time, the community is wholesome and really cares for your overall well-being. You s...
Engineering Work-Life Balance
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What skills do you think are necessary to grow as a project engineer intern at Kiewit?

To succeed as a project engineer intern at Kiewit you just have to be willing to learn and ask questions! I went in without any formal experience and my project manager sat down with me to ask about what I was comfortable with and what I was interested in. From there I was given tasks, sometimes ...
Project Management
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Do you recommend Kiewit as a place where I can start my career after college?

loved working at Kiewit, it’s a great company that is widely recognized. I think it looks great on a resume and I made some awesome connections, I occasionally still visit my project site and I haven’t worked there for 9 months! My PM was also very helpful and talked to me about realistic career...
Engineering Career Progression
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What has been your experience with upper management at Kiewit?

I received a lot of support from my project manager at Kiewit, but he didn’t walk me through anything step by step. There’s no “hand holding” here. You can ask questions and people will guide you and help you but ultimately the expectation is that you develop a method for being a problem solver, ...
Relationship with Upper Management Engineering
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Does Kiewit uphold to their company values?

Kiewit's main values are safety and excellence. From the office to the project sites, the company incorporates its motto "Nobody Gets Hurt" into all of it's activities. The company has an excellent reputation as a leader in civil projects and hires from a talented pool of team-players and contrib...
Engineering Values
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How would I prepare for an interview for a Electrical Design Intern position at Kiewit?

Be familiar with Kiewit’s core values. Have an idea about what they do and be familiar with the skill set they might ask you to do on the job
Internship Engineering Interview Construction Kiewit Electrical Design Intern
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What's it like daily in a day in the life of a Electrical Design Intern at Kiewit?

Most of the day consists of drafting electrical schematics, and consulting your supervisor or the engineer who devised the schematic about design decisions
Internship Engineering Day in the Life Construction Kiewit Electrical Design Intern
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What are the roles of an Electrical Design Intern?

First off, an Electrical Design Intern is responsible for drafting and/or editing Electrical schematics. In the case of drafting a new schematic, an electrical engineer comes up with the circuit. They do all the math involved like if certain loads will have enough current, if the voltage supplied...
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How can I prepare for an interview for a Project Controller position at Kiewit?

Understand and be ready to talk about the construction accounting cycle focusing on weekly duties and monthly close duties
Engineering Interview Project Management Construction Kiewit Project Controller
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What's a day in the life of a Project Controller at Kiewit like?

Weekly duties will include oversight of all Payroll and Accounts Payable functions for an active construction project. Monthly cycle includes forecasting end of job costs, cost accruals, cost accounting and financial reporting. Regular involvement with sub and material contracts (buyout).
Engineering Day in the Life Construction Kiewit Project Controller
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How would you describe the company culture at Kiewit?

Kiewit's culture is something that I have never seen in any company before. Most companies want their new hires to do all the hard and busy work, but Kiewit really strives to push those engineers to management positions and give them meaningful work. It meant a lot to me when I was an intern, bec...
Engineering Company Culture Construction Kiewit
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How did working at Kiewit contribute to your professional growth?

Kiewit contributed to my personal growth in many ways. They taught me multiple different technical and professional skills, but the biggest thing they taught me was how to act in a work environment and how to improve my soft skills. As engineers, most of us need to develop these skills and commun...
Engineering Career Progression Construction Kiewit
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How can I prepare for an interview for a Strategic Reporting Intern position at Kiewit?

Preparation is easier than you might think. Look into the job description and pick up on key terms. Most importantly become familiar with those key terms and if you don’t know them research, reaearch, research. That goes a long way. 
Internship Engineering Interview Construction Kiewit Strategic Reporting Intern
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What's its like daily in a day in the life of a Strategic Reporting Intern at Kiewit?

A day in the life of a strategic reporting intern is very similar to being a full time employee. You learn how to work with and use their processes and if all goes well, you get to create your own reports and become one of the team. 
Engineering Day in the Life Construction Kiewit Strategic Reporting Intern
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How would I prepare for an interview for a Estimating Intern position at Kiewit?

To get ready for an interview, recognize and be able to speak about your strengths in terms of soft vs technical skills. It is imperative to be able to speak about your experiences and to describe the impact you've made - not just a list of what you know. You should strive to tell a story about y...
Internship Engineering Interview Construction Kiewit Estimating Intern
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What's a day in the life of a Estimating Intern at Kiewit like?

I started my 7am mornings with a stretching session alongside the structures team - a group of about 5-8 engineers. At Kiewit, nobody gets hurt! My manager briefly checked-in with each of us about what we would be working on that day, and then we were all dismissed to our work spaces. The environ...
Internship Day in the Life Construction Kiewit Estimating Intern
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