What should I know before interviewing at Tesla?

Go over your resume because that is what the interviewer has studied before they call you. Also, if you have mentioned a project or a course you took, be sure to narrate it to them if they ask. They sometimes ask how you would go about doing a project similar to one you have mentioned. They are i...
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How do I succeed at Tesla?

Taking ownership in everything you do and trying to maximize your time in everything you’re doing. Providing feedback on things should be better and providing them to leaders. Constantly asking for more even though I might be stressed to the max, I have taken on more work just because I have been...
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What is the company culture like at Tesla?

Tesla has a unique company culture. People love what they are working towards and are willing to work a lot. This translates to a somewhat frantic, innovative environment where people are all working extremely hard to achieve the mission of the company. Extremely driven.
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What skills will help me perform well as a Mechanical Engineer at Tesla?

In general, adaptability and willingness to pursue technical projects outside of your skill set. You will be expected to work outside of your comfort zone (e.g. as a design engineer I was also given the task of discovering and vetting potential suppliers and contractors.) Specific technical skill...
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What are good tips for an interview at Tesla for Dimensional Engineering?

This info is very relevant, more specifically for engineers whom their focus is on hardware.
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What does a Process Engineer at Tesla do?

In the powertrain manufacturing department of Tesla, a process engineering intern works with a team of process engineers that are responsible for one production line (in my case it was the Small Drive Inverter). There are 4-5 lines for powertrain, each producing a different component i.e. Large D...
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What do I need to know to do well as an intern at Tesla?

You don't need to have many skills as an intern, just the basics like knowledge of EHS, Microsoft Office (ppt, word, excel), multi-task, and strong communication skills. You'll be successful if you do what you are asked by your managers and have it ready on time.
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What ownership do I have over my work at Tesla?

A LOT! Ownership is the key to being successful, Ownership like answering phone call’s on your weekend? Isn’t requirement nor requirement to move up in the company. I would expect to see every project start to finish. Ownership is the key, but we’re a team and are alway’s helping each other out.
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What are some responsibilities of a Production Supervisor at Tesla?

You're pretty busy during your work hours. Once you're supervisor you domt represent just your self, you represent the whole team. If someone some good you also get the credit. If someone done bad from your team you get the credit as well. I manage 40+ associate and everyone works different.
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What are some tips for interviewing at Tesla for a Retail role?

The main attribute that Tesla employers look for in their employees is without a doubt passion. Not to mitigate that importance of competency, teamwork, communication skills (both written and in person), etc but passion is the key driver to get hired. They are looking for someone that will push p...
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I just saw a job posting for a Retail Energy Adviser role at Tesla. If you've worked in this position before, what exactly does it entail?

It is single-handedly one of the most important aspects of helping the world transition into sustainable energy. The biggest pollution issue that is fixable by Tesla was/is car emissions but even electricity is mostly created using mostly natural gas (in CA) which contributes to the greenhouse ga...
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How can I succeed as a Production Associate at Tesla?

To succeed as a production associate you’ll need good time management skills and amazing work ethic. Tesla production is a great way to get in to the company and they stay true to their core values. You’re able to transfer to different departments with hard work and initiative.
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What should I expect from an interview at Tesla for an Administrative Assistant role?

Tesla definitely wants one who knows how to use Google Drive, mostly on spreadsheets, experience in customer service, and basically one who can answer phone calls, make phone calls, send mass emails, and use a computer. They'll be having you use 2-3 screens at once, but it's no more difficult tha...
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What does an Administrative Assistant do at Tesla? What's the scope of this position?

Administrative Assistants at Tesla do a variety of things for the company, some depending on the current project. This includes answering phone calls and relaying messages, working closely with recruiters, using double computers, doing eligibility checks which include checking resumes and whether...
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Can you guys speak about your experience as a materials engineer at Tesla, if you've ever worked in this position?

The Materials Team at Tesla is split into two groups, Metals and Non-Metals/Polymers. I was in the latter group and I worked on paint and adhesives. I worked with suppliers to troubleshoot issues on existing vehicles, traveled back and forth between HQ in Palo Alto and the factory in Fremont to w...
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What sort of daily functions should I expect at Tesla as a Supply Chain Intern?

Really varies quite a bit - most days I'm in a lot of meetings or talking with different Global Supply Managers, who are managing relationships with suppliers, as well as Engineering Program Managers, to understand how we're doing in terms of material readiness for upcoming builds and production ...
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Should I expect to have long work hours as an engineering intern working at Tesla?

I'd expect (and hope for) 45-50 hour weeks to be the norm. Honestly if you're looking for work-life balance in an internship, you should go be an intern somewhere else.
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What does a Customer Experience Specialist do at Tesla?

As a CES, you are the face of the showroom. You are required to greet anyone who enters the showroom within 10 seconds or 10 feet and engage them in conversation with the goal of the interaction being a lead. A lead is an email/phone number/scheduled test drive from the customer. Your manager wil...
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What's a day in the life of a Mechanical Engineering Intern at Tesla like?

There's no fixed working hours so you would get to work whenever. There's free Cereal, Coffee, OJ and all the breakfast stuff in the cafe. Once you're settled in, you dive straight in to work. You'll be assigned project/s (yes, multiple and yes, at the same time) at the begining of your internshi...
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What are some qualities I should highlight in an interview for a Product specialist role at Tesla?

Tesla is looking for individuals who are passionate, adaptable, and have the ability to be a "team player:" Passion: Working at Tesla can be demanding, therefore, in order to push through the more challenging times we rely on the company's ultimate goal to give us a boost of motivation. This ...
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