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Teacher - Responsibilities: K-8 Gifted and Talented/STEM

Title: Teacher
Responsibilities: K-8 Gifted and Talented/STEM 
  1. New Jersey State Teaching Certificate in STEM related field (MA/Doctorate preferred)
  2. Prefer Five or more years successful teaching experience 
  3. Extensive knowledge of program components including Introductory Robotics, curriculum implementation, data-driven instruction, differentiated learning approaches, and resources related to the area of Gifted and Talented and STEM
Reports to:  Director of Curriculum and Instruction; Building Principals
Job Summary:  The K-8 Gifted and Talented/STEM Facilitator provides oversight for the program offered to students identified district-wide. The Facilitator helps to design and manage the process by which students are identified, provides direct support to teachers working with identified students, coordinates activities for students during the school day and beyond, supports instruction in accordance with the curriculum and program of study adopted by the Board of Education, and promotes the use of and provides professional development in the area of differentiated instruction. The Facilitator’s role is to ensure that students engage in authentic academic challenges that maximize their learning and allow for assessment types that measure growth and inform future instruction.

1-Make recommendations as to how the district identifies students for the program to ensure that the process reflects current and best practices.                                                 
2-Identify/review students who qualify on a yearly basis.                                                      
3- Develop curriculum and supporting resources that align with standards and support identified students.         
4- Work with building administrators and teachers to appropriately schedule students.              
5- Collaborate with teachers to ensure that direct instruction is consistent with the needs of identified students, including modification to the curriculum and the provision of resources for teachers.                                                                                                                                                         
6- Provide direct instruction to students as determined by the program.                                                                            
7 Work with building administrators and teachers to ensure that differentiated instructional practices are utilized effectively to meet the needs of identified students.
8- Work with building administrators and teachers to coordinate activities/groups at each building to support opportunities for students as part of the comprehensive program.                                                 
9-Work with building administrators and teachers to ensure that enrichment activities in STEM are available to all students.                                                                       10-Maintain open lines of communication with parents of identified students.
11-Coordinate and conduct identification and testing of students.
12-Teach demonstration lessons in classrooms including planning the lessons together and debriefing with the teacher following the lesson.
13-Coordinate and conduct professional development workshops, as necessary.
14-Meet with teachers on a one-to-one basis to consult on questions related to curriculum, instruction, materials, and differentiating program for students.
15-Team teach with instructional staff, as necessary.
16-Aprise administrators and teachers of professional development opportunities.
17-Activley participate in local, state, and national professional organizations.
18- Stay current on the best practices in gifted and STEM education, and share this information with administration and teachers.
19-Maintain documentation related to the Gifted and Talent Program and all related endeavors.
20-Participate in curriculum and other developmental programs as assigned.
21-Maintain ongoing communication with educational stakeholders.
22-Develop lesson plans and assist in the selection of textbooks and other instructional materials to adapt to the curriculum.
23-Attend school-related night activities when necessary and according to school policy.
24-Group students for instructional purposes or activities so as to enhance pupil performance and provide for individual needs.
25-Perform other duties or responsibilities assigned by the building principal or central office administrators.
Salary and Reporting:  As per Contractual Obligations as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement with the BEA.
Evaluation:  Performance of this position will be evaluated by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, or his/her designee.