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Transportation Surveyor

OFFICE: Analyze field survey data, title reports, legal descriptions, record maps, and related documents to determine property and Right of Way boundaries. Research public records from counties, cities, utilities and other agencies. Produce documents and maps defining the existing location of, acquisition of, and disposal of State's Right of Way, including, but not limited to, legal descriptions, acquisition deeds, Resolutions of Necessities (Condemnation), land net maps, appraisal maps, relinquishment or vacation maps, federal application maps, condemnation maps, and final record maps. Check the technical work of other staff and participate in interoffice QC/QA Program, Performs oversight activities on surveying and Right of Way engineering work by others on State Highway Improvement Projects, and ensures that it conforms to minimum Caltrans standards, practices, and procedures. Provide technical review of deliverables; attend periodic meetings to discuss progress, issues and next actions; and onsite visits to consultants or outside entities to provide guidance.
FIELD: Assist in the reconnaissance, planning and execution of assigned survey fieldwork. Records preliminary descriptions and measurements needed for field notes and electronic files and assist in the final preparation of notes and files. Perform basic calculations necessary to make field checks and measurements of facilities, reference points, topographic features, etc. Perform survey calculations to ensure proper project setup and accurate data collection. Transport and operate survey equipment over rough terrain to work site, perform manual labor such as digging and clearing brush; setting durable monuments in accordance with Caltrans practices and procedures, pipe driving, concrete monument construction and other works necessary to recover or establish survey monuments; and correctly place survey control stakes and photo pre-marks; provide complete, accurate and neat documentation using Caltrans and Regional note forms; Survey Monument control sketches, Survey Control and Land Net Schemes, Corner records and Construction Staking diagrams.