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Learn to Lead Program


We’ve built Rising Tide Car Wash around the unique potential of our employees, most of whom are on the autism spectrum. By helping team members transform their natural talents into a professional skill set, we provide customers with a thoughtful and expert service, and give everyone on our team the chance to build a career and independent life.

Our vision is to prove that autism can be a competitive advantage for business by growing our car wash locations. We believe that successfully growing this business model can make a powerful statement of how capable people with autism really are.


We are looking for gritty people who are hungry to grow to join our team. We want people who want to work hard to be the best version of themselves and who want to help others do the same.


You will receive direct mentorship and coaching from our founders and senior management, you'll be taught the business and operational cornerstones that differentiate our social enterprise from most organizations and gain hands-on experience working alongside individuals with autism.


This is a great opportunity to build a strong foundation for your career within a company that is growing while making a tangible impact on society.


You will be challenged. You will grow as a leader. You will impact the lives of many individuals with autism.

The Process

  • Supervisor in Training - First, you will learn the basics of what makes our organization work. You'll start from the boots up learning every production skill, quality control, customer service skill and how to open and close a location.
  • Supervisor - Next, you'll get the chance to lead small teams of individuals while learning how to effectively coach, give feedback and run a production facility.
  • Senior Supervisor - Once you've proven your desire to learn and ability to work hard towards goals you will be given the bulk of our training curriculum. We'll cover topics ranging from how our technical systems work to how to facilitate training and how to ensure every customer leaves with a clean, dry and shiny car. This will prepare you to run a car wash location.
  • Manager in Training - Once you've developed competency in all of the core areas of operations you will begin to learn how to maintain and improve a high level service organization. Here, you'll learn what it takes to be a manager: being technically competent and a leader.
  • Assistant Manager - Once you've earned the trust of your team and proven your managerial and leadership potential you will be given a salaried position as an Assistant Location Manager. Here, you will be responsible for running a location several days a week and completing administrative tasks on a regular basis to keep the location running at a high level.
  • Location Manager - Achieving the level of Location Manager means you completely embody our leadership values of Disciplined Compassion and fully understand what it takes to deliver exceptional service, day in and day out. As a Location Manager you will be responsible for the daily operations of the business and entrusted with leading a team of 40+ people.

The Training

This program is designed to help you grow from raw potential through management and leadership skill development to mastery of many operational and managerial disciplines.


You'll work through 6 phases of growth where you'll complete a robust training program with over 50 video learning modules and receive a lot of on the job training and coaching.


Over the course of this program you will receive consistent feedback and coaching so you'll always know where you stand.

The Responsibilities

  • Manage a team of up to 15 people per day towards our core 4 objectives (Exceptional Service, Clean and Well Maintained Sites, Develop Employees, Improve Location Profitability)
  • Complete maintenance and repair tasks
  • Oversee and work with team to complete interior cleaning services
  • Provide training and coaching to team members
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Oversee car wash process and ensure vehicles are coming out clean, dry and shiney
  • Actively look to solve problems throughout operations
  • Ensure processes and procedures are being followed properly
  • Ensure the car wash site appearance is always within company standards

  • Demonstrated grit & resilience in the face of challenges
  • Demonstrated leadership potential with the ability to assertively communicate 
  • Enjoy problem solving under pressure
  • A desire to take personal responsibility and own their contributions to any situation they're a part of
  • A genuine desire to work with and coach individuals with autism
  • A passion for our mission
  • A desire to learn and a willingness to be coachable 
  • Enjoy a fast paced, outdoor work environment
  • A desire to be an exceptional communicator who carries themselves with professionalism and is able to remain poised, thoughtful and confident in sometimes chaotic situations
  • A desire to work consistently towards long term growth and rewards