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Graphic Design Intern for The Olami Social Media Internship (Paid)

Graphic Design Intern for The Olami Social Media Internship Program

Summer 2023 | Starting at $17/hour | Hybrid or remote | Flexible schedule | 3-4 hours per week | Marketing background not required

In this role, you will be working directly with a cohort of other interns from universities around the country. Students will collaborate to ideate, develop, and strategically promote mixed-media content following a pre-scheduled content calendar. Successful content will boost awareness of the Olami brand, values, and offerings.
Weekly contests grant students the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for their creative talent and ingenuity.
2-3 hours each week will go to content creation and 1 hour for professional development. Although there are firm deadlines for the content-related submissions, students largely manage their own hours.

As a Graphic Design Intern, you will:
  • Create, select, and develop designs for the content concepts selected by the cohort of interns
  • Explore Jewish art to incorporate in content
  • Contribute artistic and aesthetic considerations throughout the content creation process
  • Run a contest for other artists to create artwork that will be featured across Olami branches internationally
  • Allocate some of the time allocated for professional development to explore the Jewish perspective on art

Content Creation (2-3 hours per program week)

Interns will get to learn and utilize the latest and greatest marketing tools to create content and Olami's world-class marketing department will be there to support them throughout.
Interns will be provided with background materials and opportunities to connect with Olami staff to learn what they need to promote Olami effectively and to create posts that inspire, inform, and entertain online audiences.
Our online dashboard will allow interns and staff to collaborate and manage workflows from their respective locations.

Professional Development (1 hour per week)

Students will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from renowned media and marketing personalities, and other experts who can help them find their voice and personal brand, and add depth and insight to the way they approach their careers. We also aim to ensure that all interns recognize the profound impact they stand to have on the world around them and that they are grounded in professional ethics.
Students can also elect to use this hour for a 1:1 mentorship made available by the Olami Mentorship program.

Additional Benefits

College credits are available for classes offered in conjunction with the SMI program. Please speak to the internship coordinator for more information.
Students will also be offered subsidized rates for Olami trips in the US to international locations including Israel, Europe (Spain, Poland, Czech Republic), and South America.
Students successfully completing the SMI internship will be given preferred standing for summertime private-sector internships offered through our program JInternship.

COVID-19 Precautions

Interns have the option of participating in this program remotely or with hybrid arrangements. Any in-person activities will adhere to the recommendations of the CDC and local public safety boards.